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Why can’t i be honest?

Given the choice I would be honest, But if i am honest it will hurt people i care about. Therefore I cannot be honest. 
I have a life changing moment happening in 2 days, if it doesn’t happen, i know i will feel lost. I can’t be honest with my family/friends.. I am afraid i will break down, and they have done so much for me that i can’t put this on them too. I feel i should be stronger, If i am stronger, they have less to worry about. The last thing anyone needs to worry about is me. When they do, it upsets me, because they have their own things to deal with. I am not important. 

New start

I am officially the happiest i have been in a very long time, damn i smiled so much that my face hurts :D Worth every second :D 

I don’t think i can ever be honest with the people i love, they would disown me :’(

I am crying so hard i can barely write this, but i will try. i miss my son, and without him i feel terrible. 

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